A Whole New World of Retail

As you know we are firm advocates of everything Vintage! and up to now the ethos has been  "if it's not old it's not coming in", BUT.........  we felt that it was time to see the other side of retail, and that being, The Trade Show in Paris - Maison et Objet. 

Not knowing really what to expect we headed off for day one of 3! me armed with a pad and pencil & Mr Etc with a far too complicated (for me) show app for his mobile!.

The show spanned over 8 huge halls which was quite overwhelming at first but not nearly as overwhelming as the temperature in there -  but we made a start. We entered the first hall to be greeted with a huge Christmas Tree, a singing santa and life size polar bear. This was another side to retail that we hadn't encountered before - planning stock  lines months ahead -  The world of Vintage simply doesn't work like that.

We methodically made our way around the show over the next 3 days trying to source pieces that could compliment our range of Vintage Home Furniture and Accessories that we already have. I have to say that initially I was completely consumed with excitement - who wouldn't have been, we all love interiors and this was 8 halls full of just that! 

But we had a plan and we were going to stick to it! It wasn't a mammoth shopping trip, we were there to source individual pieces that were still unique, were not made in their masses, were not too fashionable but most importantly of all that we absolutely loved! And hopefully we did just that! 

The upside for this whole new side to retail - not getting up at 4am and walking round a market in complete darkness purchasing stock with no more than a torch and not having to carry a small sideboard, chair and something made from metal all the way back to the van.

The downside  being -  not having that overwhelming feeling of joy when you find that one unique piece that nobody else has and also realising very quickly that "would you take (a  lot less) than the asking price" was simply not the way these trade shows worked! 

Day 4 was spent in Paris - it simply would of been rude not too!

Until next time.

Shelly xxx






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