Hoya Australis (Waxflower) Cylinder House Plant - 50cms

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  • Hoya Australis (Waxflower) Cylinder House Plant - 50cms

Hoya Australis (Waxflower) Cylinder House Plant - 50cms

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Hoya australis is a moderately vigorous climbing species. The leaves are thick and glossy and about 40-50 mm in diameter. The stems contain a white, milky sap. Flowers occur in clusters of up to 40, each on a long pedicel (stalk) and about 20 mm in diameter. They are borne on the same stalk in successive seasons and are fragrant, white in colour with deep red markings in the centre. The seed pods are long and slender, about 100 mm long containing a number of seeds.

The species is popular in cultivation in tropical and subtropical areas and is successful in temperate areas if protected from frost (the species will tolerate light frosts). Good drainage is essential. H.australis is also suited to growing in containers and hanging baskets as it seems tolerant of root constraint. Flowering is best if good light is available but the plant will grow in reasonably heavy shade.

To keep them alive:

  • Position - Good light but not direct sun. Will tolerate low light but needs good light to flower.
  • Temperature - Average but not below 5c. Will take hotter environments as a sub-tropical species 
  • Drink - Well watered in the growing season, far less in winter.
  • Feed - A liquid feed every two-three weeks over the growing season.
  • Top Tips - Keep compost moist and lots of indirect light in Spring to promote flowering.

Dims (All measurements approx.):

  • Plant height = 50 cms
  • Pot height = 10 cms
  • Pot dia = 12 cms

Ceramic pot not included in price