Mini Cacti Plants - Opuntia - 12 cms

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  • Mini Cacti Plants - Opuntia - 12 cms

Mini Cacti Plants - Opuntia - 12 cms

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Opuntia is the most widespread of all genera in the cactus family. The genus occurs naturally throughout North and South America from as far north as Canada, through the Caribbean, and down into Argentina.

Opuntia are easily recognized by their flat paddle-shaped stem segments called cladodes that grow one on top of the other. The edge and flat surfaces of these cladodes are covered with areoles that always have tiny, easily detached spines called glochids. Many Opuntia species have large, formidable spines in addition to the glochids, but some are armed only with masses of glochids. These have the appearance of being soft or fuzzy. Opuntia flowers are typically yellow, sometimes pink, and rarely white or anywhere inbetween these colors. Flowers are cup-shaped and do not have floral tubes, but instead the pericarples resemble round, extensions of the cladodes. 

To keep them alive:

  • Position - Like many cacti, this plant has a preference for high light areas in your home. Direct sunlight is not a problem and actually appreciated.  During winter, when these plants go into hibernation, you can move them to a slightly cooler spot with a bit less direct sun. If provided with this, your cactus should reward you with a few brightly coloured flowers once it matures.
  • Temperature - During summer, the normal temperature in your home is likely perfect and in winter will tolerate a cooler temperature but not below 10c.
  • Drink - Contrary to what many new cactus keepers think, these desert plants do require regular watering, at least during the summer. Just water when the soil has dried out and then allow it to dry out again before giving more water. Although it’s better to under-water than over-water, both are dangerous to the plant so be sure to keep a close eye on it!
    During the winter period, less water is needed and a little bit once a month should be enough to last it until Spring rolls around.
  • Feed -  During summer, you can add some cactus fertilizer once every other watering.
  • Top Tips - When it’s time to water your Cactus, be sure not to give it just a few drops. It needs a good splash so that the soil is thoroughly soaked and water comes out of the drainage holes. Let the water drain until it stops dribbling out of the pot and then leave the cactus until it has had time to fully dry.)

 Dims (All measurements approx.)

  • Plant height = 12 cms
  • Pot height = 7 cms
  • Pot dia = 6 cms