Rhoeco Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blend - SEA

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  • Organic Herbal Tea Blend - SEA

Rhoeco Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blend - SEA

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SEA herbal tea blend, with its amber colour and mellow sweet flavour, is the perfect beverage for the relaxing hours of the day.

Chamomile and tilia stand out in this herbal blend, resulting in a blend with delicate sweet taste and a subtle woody aftertaste. The discreet lemon flavour of lemon balm, in combination with lavender, result in a hydrating beverage which tastes good without adding any sweeteners.

  • 20g carton - dims = 10.5h x 10dia cmsCertified organic. 
  • Naturally caffeine free.
  • You can enjoy it both hot and cold.
  • You can enrich the sweet taste of this blend adding a teaspoon of honey.

How to prepare the tea:
1-2 grams of tea per 170ml of water (95c) for 6-8 mins per perfect taste

How to plant the seed stick:

1. Find the seed stick on the underside of the lid. It is glued with organic herb seeds of some of the varieties used in their blends.
2. Fill the container with soil and embed the seed stick to a depth of 90 mm.
3. Water the pot daily.
4. When seedlings reach a height of 3-4cm, plant the container in a bigger planter or directly in your garden

About Rhoeco:

Rhoeco is an organic herbal tea company from Greece. With their principles of fair trade, ethical and organic food production, they pick and collect the season’s harvest from carefully selected organic smallholder family farms all over Greece to their certified facilities where they produce and pack blends in small batches. The whole process is made by them, by hand, with honesty and integrity. Their quality is of the highest available.